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About James

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I'm James Chambers, a designer / developer / entrepreneur type living and working in London. I am co-founder and director of Animade, a London-based animation studio, and Boords, an online tool which makes storyboarding simple.

In 2010 I graduated with a Masters in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, after which I founded the company which was to become Animade with Tom Judd. Fun fact: Tom and I were in the same class at secondary school. We still haven't managed to shake each other.

After some dalliances with electronics, I eventually settled on working in digital design and web development, which aside from the running-a-company side of things is what I consider my primary specialism.

Selected Talks

  • Motion North, Manchester
  • Blend, Vancouver
  • Thread, Bristol
  • Glug, Birmingham
  • Nicer Tuesdays, London


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