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Hi, I'm James

I'm designer / developer / entrepreneur type living and working in London. I am co-founder and director of Animade, a London-based animation studio, and Boords, an online tool which makes storyboarding simple. I founded and run both companies with my business partner and all around good egg Tom Judd.

The goal of this site is to share lessons learned starting, running and growing a small creative business. I hope they'll be useful to you, and maybe save you a couple of the pitfalls I've stumbled into.

Recent writing
Habit building with coffee beans

Writing is important to me. But try as I might, I always seem to let my long-term writing habit slip. So, I'm trying something new.

How to add new colours to Tachyons

I'm a big fan of functional css; Tachyons in particular. This is the utility function I use to generate custom colour classes.

When technology kills a craft

In the spring of 1848, a Dutch trading ship dropped anchor in Nagasaki harbour. Its cargo would destroy an industry.

Why we deleted 70% of our portfolio

Six years into running Animade, we permanently removed around two-thirds of the projects from our website. But why did we need to do something so drastic?

Paralysed by analytics? Use a spreadsheet

If you want make better decisions with usage information, make a spreadsheet instead of using complex analytics reporting.

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