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How to renew an SSL certificate on Heroku

Renewing SSL certificates is one of those jobs which I end up researching for half an hour every time I try and do it. These instructions are geared towards SSL on Heroku.

Step 1. Buy a new SSL cert from Namecheap

Step 2. Generate a new key / crt pair

On your local machine, create a new key pair:

openssl req -nodes -new -key server.key -out server.csr

Step 3. Upload the crt to namecheap

Step 4. Download the bundle from namecheap

Step 5. Update the certificate on heroku with the BUNDLE.crt file you just downloaded

heroku certs:update server.crt server.key -a app-name

Step 6. Test SSL with:

Check everything is wired up properly with

curl -kvI

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